Make your ride comfortable and smooth with ford fiesta

Ford Fiesta has a huge follower was recently due to higher fuel consumption, looks unique and an excellent price. You can choose between a sedan or hatchback style. In terms of looks, there are three bar grille and headlights thick. Although Americans tend to larger vehicles like SUVs are preferred, the Fiesta still managed to get quite a following. Fiesta compete with other affordable small cars such as the Mazda 3 Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit. It is available in five different trim models: S, SE, SEL and SES.

A four-cylinder engine capable of 1.6 liters with an output of 120 hp car is small. Although the engine may not seem like a super strong, the engine still packs a little punch and give lively and enjoyable ride. It can travel from zero to sixty in about 9.5 seconds. A very unique feature is that the Fiesta a manual mode that its hold switch to the right gear is used. A major selling points for this car is great gas mileage, which stood at 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway. It is almost as good as some hybrid vehicles. Fiesta Using finely tuned suspension and handle the roads and sharp turns with agility and ease.

Facilities to make your journey comfortable and smooth as possible, including the hot seat and a sophisticated system of Ford Sync. This system allows you to change the music and place phone calls using voice commands. You have a choice of seven different colors for ambient indoor lighting. Keyless entry is also available on certain models. Another very cool feature Fiesta offers are doploos filler system. You can use the gas nozzle in the tank, you simply turn his body without any legal form. This sedan has 12.8 cubic feet cargo space.

A comprehensive airbag system instead of lots, front knee bags and covers. Fiesta was built about the safety cage of boron steel, tough as nails material used in the aerospace field. A blind spot is an integrated viewer lets drivers see other vehicles in their blind spot. Electronic Stability Control is working on the brakes is needed at critical moments. Anti-lock brakes and stability control systems are in place.

Fiesta offers consumers the big bang for their money by offering the boat much choice and the plant with the lowest price. Fuel consumption is also very impressive and will allow you to store large amounts of money in the long term. If you are looking for affordable car smaller than the Fiesta could be the right choice. Moreover, the Fiesta also offers a lively and energetic drive with excellent handling. It is rare to find so many positive qualities as a very good price. The initial cost is about thirteen thousand dollars, a small price for a car with so much to offer.

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